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Mobile IV Infusion Therapy

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Why NASHiv?

Customized IV Drips

Ensure your health and well-being are optimized with customized drips from our IV specialist.

Medically Supervised Procedures

All treatment plans are under the supervision of a medical doctor who is available 24/7 for follow up concerns and/or questions.

Comfortable and Convenient

Our team of professionals works efficiently and effectively to meet your needs in a timely manner.

In-Home IV Drip Therapy

Provide quality and comfortable infusion care in the comfort of your own home or location of choice.

Schedule ahead of time or easily through our website for fast and reliable care.

About NASHiv

Speciality IV Treatments

NASHiv is an IV vitamin Infusion Therapy that has been developed in Nashville, Tennessee  to modernize conventional medical procedures. We provide specialized Drips and Boosters that maximize health, performance recovery, overall well-being. 








IV Therapy Treatment Bags

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Get an IV On Demand

Drip hydration treatments available at home

In the convenience of your home, workplace, or hotel, our vast network of experienced doctors and nurses will visit you and optimize your current state with specialized IV hydration treatments.

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Do you have questions about IV hydration therapy or the number of sessions necessary? We have answers.

Essential vitamins and electrolytes are directly infused into the bloodstream during intravenous therapy. Each IV drip’s ingredients are carefully combined to meet your needs in terms of wellbeing and health.

Your lifestyle, state of health, and nutritional deficiencies will all play a role. The doctor will advise you on the frequency of your sessions based on your expectations for the drip and your desired end result.

Medical experts and professionals developed our IV therapies. We discuss your medical history, wellness requirements, and other factors while adhering to strict safety measures before recommending a drip that will be effective for you.

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